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Re: [T3] Brakes are done!

<x-flowed>I think from last week's corres on wiring that the car is a 65. So it's down to drums gone eccentric, rust on one spot inside the drum where it's been standing, loose or worn wheel bearings or ball joints. Interestingly, my car did a similar thing when I first got it. There was no visible rust inside the drum and the bearings were fine, so I assumed the drums would need skimming, but before long it went away by itself. I did have the wheels off to change the tyres, so maybe uneven tightening of the wheel nuts had distorted the drum a bit and refitting them eased it, or they were just out of balance and it showed up on braking only.

Dave Hall wrote:

My thinking on disc brakes (disregard if you've drums all-round) -
It can be a corroded patch where the pads sat (or un-corroded where they sat and
corroded elsewhere); it can be a wheel not bolted evenly, or rust between the
wheel and the disc.  I assume your bearings are fine - no wobble?  Caliper bolts
tight?  No sign of grease contamination?  Suspension nice and tight - no worn
ball-joints or steering joints?  Steering damper OK?

I think that's the full list of other possibilities apart from a warped disc.
They are sometimes run much thinner than the wear limit - the pre-72 are
relatively thin to start with and only have about 1mm of wear available before
they should be changed (minimum thickness specified is 8mm for pre-'72;    ISTR
it's 10mm for '72 on as they start out at 12mm).

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Coming home from weezers first show I noticed that when I had to brake hard

the front brakes would shutter or pulse hard till I stopped. I'm going to try
and take it apart this weekend and was wondering if anyone had any ideas about
this. Thanks.

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