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Re: [T3] too much oil -vs- gas in oil

> My next idea is to use a hand vacuum pump, like the MityVac I bought to
> confirm that the vacuum advance and air pressure sensors were working,

I always use nature's vacuum pump for that - my mouth.  ;-)  Very sensitive,
won't burst the diaphragm, comes for free and gets down to about 5psi absolute,

> Then drove it only to discover again that after about 10 miles or so,
> oil was way above the marks!  The other consistent finding is leakage at
> every stop (when I shut down engine and leave it) of a puddle of oil,
> perhaps 10-20 ccs. (I plan to actually measure next) beneath the head
> gasket area on the cyl. 3 & 4 side...

23mpg sounds not at all bad - can't see how you are losing that much into the
oil and still not show in the mpg.  I'm guessing you may have a leaky injector -
maybe when turned off the fuel is still dribbling slowly until pressure drops
away - but would expect the oil to smell strongly of gas.  Any sign of water in
the drained oil - combustion produces that, but not at that rate unless you have
awful compression, which you plainly don't.

You will get oil out of the covers if the engine is leaning down that way a
bit - so the other side won't produce any as it's gone back into the sump.

Oil leak is likely pushrod tube seals - the odd one can be replaced using a
telescopic replacement tube, but otherwise you have to remove the cylinder head.

Last thought - is it getting in from the air-cleaner - is the oil above its red

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