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Re: [T3] bad clutch 68 Fastback

Thanks for that. I will be DIY'ing this one. I'm
fortunate that I have another car I can use for

Anyway, update:
Driving home the clutch really let me know it was
unhappy. 4th gear, 40-50mph for 10 minutes, then
downshift to find the clutch has all but disappeared.
Cue hazards and hard shoulder. I ended up driving from
downtown Seattle to home in 2nd during rush hour. But
Im home!
To your point about the clutch noise. I've had the car
4 months or so and I knew that it was on the way out
from day 1. But, brake work, fuel work etc took
As for cost and advice, I see that JC Whitney are
asking 90 bucks for the clutch kit - do you have a
link to an article somewhere that may be able to give
me pointers on things to bear in mind when pulling the
Ta in advance

68 Fastback

--- Jim Adney <jadney@vwtype3.org> wrote:

> On 11 Apr 2006 at 12:34, LeeAC wrote:
> > Driving into work today and it finally happened.
> > The whining noise that occurs when I depress the
> > clutch more than 75% morphed into the pedal
> getting
> > very stiff, a very noisy rattling sound when the
> > clutch wasn't depressed (partly from the clutch
> pedal
> > rattling away, and partly from the rear of the
> car),
> > and when I push the engine to do anything over
> 2500
> > revs the din is enough to make a tiger tank driver
> > reminisce over old times. 
> > 
> > So, do I need a new clutch?
> There are LOTs of things that it could be, but most
> all of them are related to 
> the clutch. Here's a list of possibilities: clutch
> plate, pressure plate, 
> throwout bearing, throwout bearing cross shaft,
> pilot bearing, and clutch 
> cable. Given your symptoms, I don't think the cable
> is the problem, but you 
> won't know exactly which of the others is the
> problem until you get it apart.
> Most shops will not bother to try to figure out the
> actual cause of the 
> problem, because that takes longer and makes them
> less money. They will just 
> replace everything, sometimes even the flywheel,
> too.
> Personally, if I had to guess, my guess would be the
> throwout bearing or the 
> cross shaft, with the pressure plate coming in next.
> If it's been making noise 
> for a long time, however, then things might be nasty
> in there and you may have 
> damaged parts that would have been okay if you had
> fixed it right away.
> The cheapest way to fix it is to do it yourself, but
> this requires removing the 
> engine. If you take it to a shop that will be the
> most expensive, because they 
> will replace everything possible; it's also a
> potential problem with a FI car, 
> because those shops frequently get things hooked up
> wrong when they put the 
> engine back together.
> Where are you located? That will help find you good
> service.
> -- 
> Jim Adney
> jadney@vwtype3.org
> Madison, WI 53711-3054
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> mailto:gregm@vwtype3.org

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