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Re: [T3] bad gas tank leak 71 square.

On 11 Apr 2006 at 11:11, andy wrote:

> > > must be pretty high up the tank somewhere.
> > > put in 10 gallons and got a stream of gas underneath on the pass side.
> > > siphoned out about 3 gallons and it stopped.
> > > oh well this weekend I have to pull the tank and look I guess.
> >
> > The tank itself is probably fine. It's most likely the overflow hose
> > inside the RF fender, just behind the filler pipe. It's a very common
> > problem, but the OE replacement hose (311 201 179A) is NLA. You can
> > probably fix it with some fuel hose of the right diameter, or plug it
> > some other way.
> it was literally running out like some little gas elf was relieving
> himself after a long night at the bar.
> This was with around 10 gallons in there, when I siphoned a few
> out, tank around half full, it stopped.

If the tank was full and the leak stopped after you took out 2 gallons or so, 
then this sounds just like the overflow hose. Unless you've had the tank out 
recently or done something else to disturb its connections, my bet is still on 
the overflow hose.

> Is it possible that it is as simple as the overflow pipe?


> Is it accessible without pulling the tank up?

Yes, from inside the trunk and under the RF fender.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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