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Re: [T3] bad gas tank leak 71 square.

andy wrote:

> it was literally running out like some little gas elf was relieving
>himself after a long night at the bar.
>This was with around 10 gallons in there, when I siphoned a few
>out, tank around half full, it stopped.
>Is it possible that it is as simple as the overflow pipe?
>Is it accessible without pulling the tank up?
If the tank is full enough, and that overflow pipe is perforated, indeed
it could trickle out fuel- and it would me most noticable while turning

You can access that hose through the fender, perhaps easiest if you
remove a tire, or barring that, turning the wheel all the way to the
right might give you room to reach around in there. It is right next to
the fuel filler. As you'll be able to observe, it gets tons of weather
there kicked up from the tires, along with mud, dirt, rocks, etc. Once
this is perforated, it can pick up rainwater and then rust the tank from
the inside.

I'd be hard pressed for a tank to rust out as high up as one would need
for the flow to stop at half a tank. If a tank is going to rust out, it
will be at its lowest point, as water is heavier than gas.

Incidentally, the tank is very easy to remove. Siphon out all the fuel
by removing the fuel sender and accessing the tank that way. Then,
loosen the hose connections at the top (3 on the later models- filler,
overflow, evap vent) and 2 on the bottom (supply to pump and return
line) and then remove the 4 bolts holding the fuel tank clamps.

Do not lose the plastic band around the inlet to the tank that goes
between the filler hose and the tank. This is quite necessary for
maintaining a good seal here.

Siphoning will be the most time consuming part... :)

The beauty is that once you have the tank out, it'll be very easy to
inspect with a flashlight and an inspection mirror. Don't use an open flame!

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