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[T3] Brakes are done!

So, I've replaced my brake rubber lines, rebuilt my master cyl, calipers
and wheel cylinders, replaced the front pads, disassembled and
reassembled the rear brakes, adjusted the pedal freeplay. Since I had
all the hydraulics out, I've opted to go DoT-5 for my brake fluid.

In theory, I should have working brakes. A test drive up and down my
driveway is in order for sunday.

A few observations:

The brake pedal feels sooooo much differently than before. Jim Adney
reported when he rebuilt my calipers that he saw them badly corroded on
the inside and the brake hoses I sent him were completely plugged. My
rear wheel cylinders were gummy on the inside, with loads of rubber
sediment. My master looked mostly good, but one of the cups was worn
enough to want to deal with it now rather than later.

Here's what I'm noticing on my pedal, which is different enough that I
just want to put my mind at ease.

It's fairly soft, almost spongy, but I wouldn't go that far. Doesn't
require a lot of force to get it to close to its stop (though enoguh
pressure builds up to stop it). On a second pump, travel is about 2/3 of
what it is on the first pump. I've bled until there was no air coming
out of the bleeder hose.

Since I've never driven a Type 3 with good brakes (yeah, really!) and I
haven't driven a vehicle without power boosting in a long time, this is
sufficiently weird to me. Is this what the brake pedal should feel like?

A special thanks to Jim Adney on rebuilding my calipers and MC piston
and on answering my voluminous questions during this process.

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