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RE: [T3] The Insanity line

Oh Im tempted Oh im tempted Oh im tempted
Im not sure you should let ME near a sawzall again... nevermind a Torch too!
Plazma cutter.... Id OD on all those!!

Id be willing to compensate you for cutting off a few pieces though and
bringing them down to Myrtle creek... those rear bumper sections are now
welded on the Eggcrate and were just a beautiful fit!  If I cant find
rockers to trade I might be interested in lower body sections in front of
the rear wheel wells....

Thanks Neil!!!


Top Notch Restorations
71 Squareback
65 Notchback "El Baja Rojo"
65 Squareback "Eggcrate"
87 golf "Winterat"
93 RX7 "Redstur"

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From: Neil [mailto:neil@neil.us] 
Sent: Friday, April 07, 2006 10:18 PM
To: type3@vwtype3.org
Subject: RE: [T3] The Insanity line

Ya'll are welcome to stop by after the invasion. Since the route out to
Oregon changed, the family and I are leaving here a couple days early to go
see friends and family in Oregon. We're driving the Aerostar with the square
on a dolly. I'll drop it off in Sutherlin (about 20 miles north of Casa de
Fye) and head to the beach for a couple of days. I'll be back to get to
Brian's place for the BBQ on Thursday. We'll probably head back home Monday
morning. I do have a guest room with a nice queen size bed for whoever stops
by :~)

I've also got a sawzall, a torch, and I may even have my plasma cutter back
up and running by then. I need to clear up the back yard this summer.


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From: BOB2TYPE3S@aol.com [mailto:BOB2TYPE3S@aol.com]

As for sheet metal, sounds like you need to stop by at either the DDB or at
Neil's. : ) I had wanted to make a stop there (Neil's) on my way back, but
your intinery (sp?) didn't list that route for the return trip.

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From: Russ Wolfe [mailto:russw@classicvw.org]
I will be driving a mid size SUV out to the Invasion, so don't complain too
loud. And, I will be towing a T-2 back on a trailer. With the T-2 stuffed
full of west coast VW parts.  I think I might have Neil bring me a set of
floor pans to the Invasion, and I can strap them on the luggage rack.

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