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Re: [T3] "air-cooled theory"

<x-flowed>On Apr 5, 2006, at 12:39 PM, Jim Webster wrote:
Which is it, ar$wipe or Splitwindow snob? I just want to understand which category I should place myself in from your perspective!

That depends. Do you think that VW quit sending "real" Busses to the US in '67, '71, or '79? :-) I used the "van" because the original poster did, and since this isn't a Bus list I didn't make an issue of it.

Some people turn up their nose at any Bus past the Splitwindow era and feel that Bays aren't "real VW's". Some people feel the same way about any Bay built after '71. There's a good reason to distinguish between the eras, but pretending that Busses built after a certain year aren't "real" is snobbery. There's a quasi-exception for the post-'79 models, but that's because VWoA called them Vanagons.

I have no problem whatsoever with most Splitty owners (hell, I'd own one myself if the wife wouldn't kill me). It's the snobs who bash Bays as fakes and diss Bay owners that I have a problem with, especially when they've upgraded their "perfect" or "superior" Splitty with Baywindow gas tanks, front beams and disc brakes. And yes, I've seen a few of those snobby types behaving in ways that make them completely deserving of the terms "ar$ewipe" or "a$$hole".

I love my Bay Westy. I loved the Bug I used to have, I love our "fatchick" Fastback. Hell, I even like the watercooled Cabriolet in the carport.

They're all VWs.  *THAT* is the most important thing.

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