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[T3] Headlight switch

Gentlemen, and I say this with all respect...

Good call Chris!
Made the switch of the wires. All lights work. Front and rear parking, dash, headlights, and directionals. One odd thing though one of my parking lights stays on when the headlights are lit. This may be a switched wire at the signal from when I put the car back together from the paint shop. This seems really odd because I have never taken this switch apart and the PO couldn't tell the difference between a wrench and his elbow. 
I would still be intested in an FAQ or at least some kind of diagram of the switch. 
A big thanks to both Jim and especially Chris for the help. Jim I hope you didn't start working on the switch. :-o If so email me. 

>From: Chris Wright <Christopher.Wright@Sun.COM>
>Try swapping the solid grey on 58b with the grey with a red tracer on 
>58.   The grey (I thought it was white) with red tracer is the dash 
>light wire and should go to the dimmer rheostat which is 58b.  The 
>thicker plain grey (they look white to me as well) is the wire that goes 
>to the linked fuses 1&2 from the left and supply your rear lights.
>Rgds Chris

65 square (weezer)
04 jetta
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