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Re: [T3] Headlight switch

<x-flowed>Hmmm, I don't think I have enough answers to write it up yet. Looking at the 1500S 64-66 T3 wiring diagram in Bentley, the front parking lights are wired to the same 2 fuses (1&2 from the left) as the back ones, so they stay on all the time. However the warning light in the dash is wired direct to terminal 57 on the switch and therefore goes out when on headlights. Your mails suggest that this only happened from 68 onwards and earlier front parking lights went off with the headlights. This only appears to be so on US models. The 65 onwards 1600 US version was different. According to the Bentley diagrams, the front parking lights were fed from a separate fuse (7th one from the left) supplied from terminal 57 so they and their warning light go out when you're on headlights.

Going through the T34 wiring diagrams the front parking lights have always been connected to the rear ones on fuses 1&2 from the left, so they were always on with the headlights right through production. Unless someone knows differently..........

The other interesting thing is that T3weezer has a part number on a rectangular pattern 6v switch with a suffix 'A', which according to my list was only for the very early T1 and T14 up to 1957. I guess Jens was right, you can't always believe the documentation. I'd still like to hear if any wires were misplaced on his switch though. Chris
Jim Adney wrote:

On 4 Apr 2006 at 10:53, Steven Ayres wrote:

JimA=> My guess is that the "parking light control light" is the green dashboard
=> indicator light; the one that tells you your parking lights are on and the headlights
=> are off. Don't all type 34s have this light?

Leaving aside the turn indicator, the green light in the cluster indicates foglights on. The only indication that parking lights are on is the guage lights.

Okay, so that light got assigned a different function on T34s.

34s normally share the front-corners-off-when-headlights-on wiring scheme. Are we running into the 'mystery' of side markers again? We should have a Website FAQ on that.

Don't the front parking lights stay on with the headlights for 68-9 T34s? They did for everyone else, so I assumed this was something that VW did across the board.

Is Daniel out there listening? How do your 69 T34 front parking lamps work?

I had no idea that this was going to be so complicated when this thread got started. Sounds like a website FAQ would be a good idea. Would you like to write something up, Chris?

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