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[T3] "air-cooled theory"

<x-flowed> Having worked primarily on the "near" and "top" side of my T3's engine, I am seeking general info about the "far" and "under" sides, namely, how the fan moves air around the engine to achieve adequate heat load dissipation. I've heard such things as "make sure all the metal shrouds are intact" and that there is also an oil heat exchanger somewhere in there, but I don't know except by imagination how the air flows, what the major or common risks are regarding a failure of a subsystem, etc. The cars I've had with radiators/fans/thermostats/antifreeze seem to wear all that stuff out front where you can't miss it, so I have at least glancing familiarity with the theories involved, but despite having had a 1969 Type 1 Van for literally 20 years, and now a T3, the cooling just seems to take care of itself, practically invisibly!

Would someone write a 100-200 word brief treatise on the subject...I am adding oil pressure and temp. gauges soon, and since I had to have my Type 1 engine rebuilt twice "back in the day" because of my "abuse potential", the least I owe Betty now is enough brain input to avert a rebuild.

Thanx in advance,

Will McCreight
Portland, OR
(208) 661-6262 cell

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