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Re: [T3] FW: Headlight switch

On 4 Apr 2006 at 12:34, Chris Wright wrote:

> Both the original 6v round one fitted to my 64 T34 and the rectangular 
> spare (which has 311 941 531B moulded in the cast metal back) have a max 
> resistance of approx 33 ohms measured between 30 and 58b.   This doesn't 
> equate to your 6v resistance!   Maybe my DVM is in need of replacement!

Your DVM is probably fine. Because of bad connections within the switches I was 
measuring, I had to measure resistance between a pair of rivets so I could get 
something stable. Even then, I couldn't swear that I got it exactly right. I 
only persisted long enough to convince myself that I could tell a difference 
between 6V and 12V rheostats.

> I was wrong about the A and B suffixes.   As far as I can see, 
> disregarding the prefix numbers, the A suffix was up to 1957 for T1 and 
> T14, the B suffix was originally the same round shape and was changed to 
> a rectangular one in late 64 (65 model year?) and went up to 67,  I 
> can't see any references to C or D suffixes, the 12v version from 67 on 
> seems to have had an E suffix  and I've seen a reference to an F suffix 
> which from what you've said, was 71 on?

67 should be different from 66 because of the voltage change, but I suppose 
it's possible that VW goofed and didn't change the resistance in 67 when type 
3s went to 12V. I don't know. Does anyone out there have a 67 so you can tell 
us whether you can adjust the dash lights significantly, just like on the later 

I believe the 68 switch is probably different from the 67 switch, just because 
of the change in knob style, but I'm just guessing about that.

The E suffix has to be something that superceeded what came on our cars. None 
of the late (68-72) switches in my stash has any suffix at all. They are all 
113 941 531 with no suffix; some have die cast cases and some are in stamped 
alum cases, different OEMs. The only old switch I have here is apparently 
correct for 65 (and maybe 66) and it has no number on it.

It's unfortunate that I can't read the microfilm in this area. I should drag 
out my old paper parts manual and see if those parts are legible in it. It's 
sometimes useful because the paper copy is older and often shows things as they 
were before things got superceeded.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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