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Re: [T3] FW: Headlight switch

<x-flowed>Both the original 6v round one fitted to my 64 T34 and the rectangular spare (which has 311 941 531B moulded in the cast metal back) have a max resistance of approx 33 ohms measured between 30 and 58b. This doesn't equate to your 6v resistance! Maybe my DVM is in need of replacement!
I was wrong about the A and B suffixes. As far as I can see, disregarding the prefix numbers, the A suffix was up to 1957 for T1 and T14, the B suffix was originally the same round shape and was changed to a rectangular one in late 64 (65 model year?) and went up to 67, I can't see any references to C or D suffixes, the 12v version from 67 on seems to have had an E suffix and I've seen a reference to an F suffix which from what you've said, was 71 on?
Anyone got any more accurate info than this?

Jim Adney wrote:

On 3 Apr 2006 at 16:17, Chris Wright wrote:

No, but the 12v ones are part number 311-941 531B and valid from VIN 348
000 001 which is 68 medel year I think. On my spare 12v one, it has the
number moulded in the brown bakalite piece if I remember correctly. The
6 v ones were suffix A. I might be able to check it tonight.

All the 12 V ones I find here are marked 113 941 531. My parts lists show an E version, while earlier switches are 311 parts, I think. It looks like there was a lot of supercession going on here.

I can't read this part of the microfilm very well.

The rheostats measure ~20 Ohms on the 6V unit and ~45 Ohms on the 12Vs.

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