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RE: Keeping 'em on the road (was RE: [T3] ethanol)

On Sat, 2006-04-01 at 20:08, Keith Park wrote:

> Will it be worth putting several grand into at 7 years?
> Not in the Northeast as rust will have taken a good hold but what
> Will be the value of the car at that point? At least it's a Toyota and they
> are amongst the best cars... not like the Hyundai's that go to the junkyard
> when they need a timing belt.
Keith, Have you ever driven a Hyundai, or a KIA?? I doubt it?? They are
a very good car that gets very good support by the dealers. I just got
done with a 1600 mile drive in my KIA in one weekend. It performed very
well, and got very good gas milage for a mid sized SUV. I even surprised
a Chevy Suburban driver, that I set the pace for, that he followed me
into a filling station for gas, and was surprised that I was getting
20mpg at the pace we were running. (80+mph).
Fit and finish is very good. Many features on the KIA Sorento, that you
cant get on a Detroit Iron. And all for less than $20K after trade of a
dead Cherokee.

Russ Wolfe
'71 FB AT
'66 FB MT
'64 T34 (not running)
'65 T1 (not running)
'05 KIA Sorento SUV

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