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Re: [T3] Hybrids

Steven Ayres wrote:
>>> I know that in Japan, at least, the government is mandating that
manufacturers phase in total recycling of their products. So I expect
that the Japanese carmakers are either working hard on recycling
batteries or are already there.<<<

I just bought a new japanese car (built in Hofu, Japan), and in the forums
for said car it was asked why there is no real "new car smell?" Someone
responded that Japanese automakers are trying very hard to reduce the
levels of toxic chemicals and other toxic man-made materials in their
automobiles. I don't know if this is true or not, but my new car is
certainly lacking in new car smell. If this is true for something as
seemingly insignificant as interior materials, it would follow that proper
disposal and/or recycling of batteries, or making them with less volatile
materials to begin with, would be something that is taken VERY seriously
over there.

>>> I agree with others here that it's a dynamic system, and if this first
modern generation of cars not running exclusively on internal
combustion does well, it will add support to the drive for new battery
technology, which is the key to the whole enchilada. <<<

Absolutely. This is the whole key. Doing SOMETHING is better than doing
NOTHING. If you do SOMETHING you will eventually get SOMEWHERE. If you do
NOTHING, you will stay where you are forever.

Sorry for the caps. :)

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