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Re: [T3] FI doesn't want to run but now it does Thanks Jim

In a message dated 4/3/06 10:34:38 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
jadney@vwtype3.org writes:

 >Looks pretty nice. Do you think you can still fit a type 4 air cleaner in 

I'd like to find one first, then see if I can fit it in there. I'm not to 
crazy about the "tuner" style unit that's in there currently. I have thought 
about modifying a t-3 unit, so I can hook it up to the fresh air intake like a t-3 
is supposed to use. I'm just not sure If I have the room for it though. I 
might have to try and mock one up first, before I get too far.
 >A couple of questions:
 >There's a silver box on the RHS of the engine compartment. All I can think 
 >is that it must be the alternator VR, but it doesn't look quite right. What 

It's a VR for the alternator. I had to add a length of wire to the main 
starter connection (or use a longer wire and go to the battery), and another length 
of wire to connect to the "gen" light. Once these were in place, I had to 
disable the generator's VR, since it's no longer used. I just left it in place 
under the seat for now, as it's not hurting anything being there.
 >Your breather box is different from the usual black steel type 4 box. Why? 
 >you make it?

I made part of it due to not having one to start with, and the case was set 
up this way due to it being out of a Formula Vee. : ) I just copied what was 
there, and modified a bugpack unit (for a t-1) to fit on the plate. A little TIG 
welding, and it's one piece. There is also a provision on this case for a 
mechanical fuel pump, but it's blocked off at this time. Also this case wasn't 
opened up for the normal oil fill and dipstick.
 >I see an open hose connection at the LF of the IAD. Is this just an early 

Yes, this is where the breather hose is supposed to go, but I just haven't 
gotten it hooked up yet. Like I said, I've still got a few details to finish on 
it, but the majority is done.
 >How about a shot of what you did for a rear engine support?

Sorry, I forgot to get a couple of those. But it's a heavily modified T-3 
unit (someone had cut a very large opening in it for full flow fittings) that got 
adjusted as I went along. I have a Porsche part here too, but it wouldn't 
work in the t-3, and it's made of cast iron.The next chance I get though, I'll 
take some of those. : )
 >At the rear of the engine do I see a bellows AND some kind of angled 
 >Just what did you have to do here to get that to fit up?

Yes, those are both the very hard to find T-4 wagon cooling bellows and it's 
adapter. I bought them off the Samba last summer, before I heard of a guy 
that's making a t-4 into a t-3 coversion adapter. The adapter was easy ( 3 - 6mm 
screws that bolt to the fan housing), but the bellows has tabs that just tuck 
inside the stock t-3 opening, as it's slightly smaller than the t-3 opening. I 
think on a t-4 wagon, there would be washers and some 6mm bolts on the body 
 >Looks nice! 

Thanks, it's been an interesting project, along with being a learning 
experience. The best part though, was learning the FI side, as that directly 
transfers to a t-3. : )

Bob 65 Notch S w/ Sunroof and IRS
       71 Square, now a 2 seat Roadster, pics can be seen at; 
http://volksrods.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=2977 and now has a 2.0L  t-4  with D-jet FI 
engine transplant, just finishing up the details. : )

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