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Re: [T3] Hybrids

Foot is usually impractical in most US cities.  A bicycle would work in some
places, but is, IMHO, too bloody dangerous in most areas, as bike paths and
lanes are just too uncommon.  I ride a motor scooter when the weather allows,
as at least I can keep up with traffic.  80mpg, or about a gallon every two

--- Richard Green <rlgreen@industryinet.com> wrote:

> Most environmental transport is by foot or bicycle.
> I know several people that do use a bicycle as their primary mode of 
> transport for the week.
> Some of us drive to far.
> richard
> James Montebello wrote:
> > My gripe with the current hybrids is they're not pushing the technology
> > anywhere near far enough, and they're now being mis-used for marketing
> reasons.
> >  Most of the new hybrids coming out are stupid things like hybrid SUVs that
> add
> > maybe 10-15%, making terrible gas mileage merely awful.  
> >
> > Americans think 40mpg is great mileage, but it's actually not that good. 
> > Getting 50mpg doesn't require hybrid technology, just a small engine with
> good
> > fuel control.  An ex-girlfriend had a Renault 5 in 1981 that would get
> 45mpg...
> >
> > The hybrids, meanwhile, add highly toxic battery technology to the problem,
> > which will require some disposal mechanism in a few years. 
> >
> >   
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