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Re: [T3] Hybrids

My gripe with the current hybrids is they're not pushing the technology
anywhere near far enough, and they're now being mis-used for marketing reasons.
 Most of the new hybrids coming out are stupid things like hybrid SUVs that add
maybe 10-15%, making terrible gas mileage merely awful.  

Americans think 40mpg is great mileage, but it's actually not that good. 
Getting 50mpg doesn't require hybrid technology, just a small engine with good
fuel control.  An ex-girlfriend had a Renault 5 in 1981 that would get 45mpg...

The hybrids, meanwhile, add highly toxic battery technology to the problem,
which will require some disposal mechanism in a few years. 

--- lists@cattatonic.com wrote:

> On Sun, April 2, 2006 10:25 pm, Brian wrote:
> > please explain to me where these cars are going to make us less dependent
> > on foreign supplies, they are not cost effective enough to sway the  local
> > yokals to abandon less $ more HP rigs...  they will just cause more
> > environmental issues than fossil fuel every will.
> I honestly don't mean to start a flame war here, I'm just trying to answer
> this question, and I hope my answer will be taking in that spirit.
> Brian, the alternative is to sit back and do nothing. People can say no
> one will ever buy these things in significant enough numbers to make any
> kind of realistic difference, and it could be true. But the point is, by
> buying one of these, you are doing your part. Apparently, the "local
> yokals" understand this as well, because hybrids are at least selling well
> enough that companies are starting to produce them across more model
> lines.
> Most people who "do the math" realize that the amount of money they're
> paying extra for these hybrids will, in most cases, never offset the lower
> amount of gasoline they will use over the lifetime of the car. But still
> they buy. Why? They want to do SOMETHING to help.
> I pay a "surcharge" on my electric bill every month so that my local
> electric company buys "green tickets" that fund renewable energy.
> Accordingly, the electricity my family consumes is 100% generated by wind
> energy -- or at least I spend a certain amount of money to make sure that
> a certain amount of wind energy makes its way onto the grid, the
> equivalent of what my household uses. Does that make a difference?
> Probably not. The point is, I am trying to do SOMETHING to reduce my
> footprint in the world and clean up after myself, just like my parents
> taught me to do.
> I have two "terra-passes" for my automobiles that ensures that whatever
> amount of CO2 my car generates over the course of a year is offset by
> buying MORE green tickets for electricity, meaning less CO2 will be
> generated by power plants.
> Is it enough to cancel the "OZONE ALERT" in NYC for the day? Nope. Not
> nearly.
> The point is, I'm doing just one or two small things.
> If everyone did that, you'd see a hell of a difference in the way the
> world is today.
> And yes, we would be a helluva lot less dependent on "foreign supplies."
> Why would you possibly criticize anyone for trying to do what small little
> things they can do to help the environment or help us reduce our
> dependence on foreign oil?
> I just don't get it... I think it's the whole "you can either light a
> candle or curse the darkness" thing...
> Just my $.02
> Aaron
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