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Re: [T3] threads/dates missing?? please explain computer system

Greg will have to explain the archives.

On 2 Apr 2006 at 4:50, Will McCreight wrote:

> Such a treat to discover that the car my daughter bought "because she
> is so pretty" with a nice fresh paint job 2 years ago, but has now not
> driven for about a year, and sold to me because she was such a "dog"
> (running on 2 cylinders at 12 mpg because of trigger point troubles,
> I've discovered with your help) turns out to be a "greyhound" when
> firing on all fours! So why couldn't three shops find this!?! 

It's always great to hear success stories! I'm afraid that poor 
repair shop results are the norm with these cars, as they never had 
that big a following and the mechanics who worked on them then are 
mostly retired, or moved on, now. Today's mechanics have no idea that 
FI systems like this ever existed, and working their way up a new 
learning curve means spending lots of time not making any income.

> Anyway, I'm now discovering as a late bloomer what fun a "project car"
> can be...guess Betty is gonna be my "midlife crisis" car...learned to
> drive, and spent many a year in Crazy Horse, my 1969 VW "Hippie" Van,
> so am now at 55 back to "early loves & high school sweethearts"...my
> wife is jealous! 

Many of us on this list are in about the same age group. I'm nearly 
60 and I think Russ is a bit over that. While there are a bunch of 
"children of the 60s" here, it's encouraging that there are also 
younger people who have caught type 3 fever.

As for wives, I think we just have to make sure they never manage to 
get together and compare notes.  ;-)

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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