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RE: Keeping 'em on the road (was RE: [T3] ethanol)

Toyotas are 300Kmi cars if maitained well, but the Prius wont last that
long.  The batteries wont last as long as most folks think and they will be
prohibitively expensive to replace when they finally need it, the Hybrids
kinda have the built in end date when the batteries go... which is


My previous daily driver ('91) has 315K miles and is now in the
hands of my son and has a lot of good miles left in it.
His previous driver was an '83 with 215K miles, and is finally
beginning to wear out. My wife's '99 that sees little use has
50K on it.

I just bought a new car and expect to keep it for at least 10 years.
Experience and history of all the above various Toyotas leads me
to fell comfy that the Prius will easily make it at least that long.

My '64 Ford CrewCab has about 375K, and my '67 Sqbk
has about the same, even though I haven't driven it in over
10 years, so keeping cars well into high mileage is my MO.

Jeff  '67 Sqbk

Keith Park wrote:
> The main priority of most auto manufacturers that sell in the US right now
> is to get the car the heck out of the country before its 5th Birthday.
> want to sell more cars, they don't want anybody driving a car in the USA
> that's over 5 years old... 

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