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Re: [T3] engines and mirrors

On 19 Sep 2005 at 17:48, type3weezer@comcast.net wrote:

> #1 My stock right side mirror is getting sloppy. I need to tighten the screw
> on the bottom but it's stiff and I'm afraid of stripping it. any one know
> how to loosen it with out trashing the screw. 

I would completely remove the mirror from the car and carefully take all the 
joints apart and grease them and the threads. Like Dave suggested, some Liquid 
Wrench might be a good idea.

> #2 This winters project will be a new engine block. I have a small crack in
> a non vital area that keeps dripping. Should I go new or used? How is the T3
> block different than the Type 1 block? (oil cooler/engine mount?) What is a
> decent price for either one? 

Where's your crack? Things like this are almost always a sign of significant 
other problems, like main bearing studs whose nuts have come loose.

I have good used late style type 3 cases. These would be your best bet for an 
upgrade. In most cases, I wouldn't try to fix a cracked case, except as a 
temporary measure.  

The correct universal case would be okay, but I hear that there are some 
problems with some of the "super" cases that have been marketed lately. Perhaps 
they've been corrected by now, but I've always started with a good used OG type 
3 case and that automatically gives me everything I need. I send these to RIMCO 
for align boring and case savers and they've always worked fine for me after 

Don't try to start from a type 1 case. There are only a handful of differences, 
and they can all be corrected, but it will mean headaches for you in the long 
run. The differences are in the oil filler pipe, dipstick tube, oil pressure 
switch hole, oil cooler stud. 

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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