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RE: [T3] Distributor Plug Wires....

On 28 Oct 2005 at 12:40, Matthew Jones wrote:

> > From: J. Jonik

> > * What performance effects if dist. plug wires are in
> > wrong spot ...

> Did anyone stay with me through that?! Its really hard to explain
> without a diagram or hand waving. Have I got this right?

I think that was a pretty good try, but not quite right. I agree with most of 
what you said, but if you swap the center and one outer, then the other outer 
will never get connected to center, so that side will never fire. I don't see 
any way to get double triggers.
> I know the reality is more complex, as it depends on the electronics
> at the ECU end of the wires, whether the common wire is 0, 12V or
> whatever, pull ups, loads etc. etc.

I've not worked thru the innards of the ECUs, but from what I've seen on cars 
that get dirt in one point, they don't run AT ALL under that situation. My 
guess is that each side gets a "reset" from the triggering of the other side in 
order to fire, so with one point disabled, you actually get nothing at all. 
There's some evidence that this was not true of all the ECUs, however, so it 
may not be wise to generalize.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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