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[T3] Pros and Cons of Sitting Square

I'm interested in buying a 71 Squareback that has been "sitting" inside for 2+ years.  What are the pros and cons of getting a car up and running after that length of time?  Here is what I know about the car:

59,000 miles
owner says needs battery and brakes adjusted
all gauges and lights worked, heater, wipers, and horn worked fine
had a good tune up right before it was put away
replaced the points with a petronix insert
no engine noises and the transmission shifted smoothly
It drove straight and handled fine

Owner says he could never get brakes adjusted right so he put it away before winter and one thing led to another and now it's been 2 years.

I'm not a mechanic and know very little about what would be involved in getting a car like this running again - if indeed only a battery and brake adjustment is needed, it seems to me fluids and seals and ??? may need attention after this period of time.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for your input,

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