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Re: [T3] Erratic driving behavior #2

In a message dated 10/26/05 11:07:24 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
jadney@vwtype3.org writes:

>but I still don't think I've 
> ever seen any kind of paint inside the gas tanks. They always look 
> sort of silver/beige, kind of like steel which has been in long 
> contact with oil.

Well, it wasn't any of those colors, as it was a black / dark blue (same as 
the outside of the tank color). It's possible that it could have been part of 
the main fuel filler hose, as I replaced that back in 1999, due to it having a 
crack in it (fuel smell on fill up, and the outer cloth being wet were the 
give aways). All I know, is that I could see where it went from dark to silver 
(bare metal) pretty easily, and the dark area wasn't rust.
 >I suppose it's likely that there's some sort of coating there, but 
 >I'd expect it to be more of a chemical reactive coating, like a 
 >phosphate passivation, rather than a paint that could flake off.

I agree, that's why I put some 2 stroke gas into the tank, as I'd rather have 
a little oil burn off, than some sort of coating clog up the bottom, 
especially with a full tank. I didn't use much mixed gas, just enough to buy me some 
time as I didn't like leaving all that bare metal exposed to any left over 
moisture from rinsing the tank.
 >I think paint there, including any of the sealants sold for this 
 >purpose, are a rather bad idea, and I'd avoid all of them. 

Also agreed. Seems more like a band aid, rather than a permant fix. Plus I've 
seen some of that stuff turn to gel, and clog other things besides the tank 
outlet. :O 

Bob 65 Notch S w/ Sunroof and IRS
       71 Square, now a 2 seat Roadster, pics can be seen at; 
http://volksrods.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=2977 and now awaiting a 2.0L  t-4 engine 
       69 Square AT, daily beater

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