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Re: [T3] Clutch Operating Shaft Oddities

On 25 Oct 2005 at 17:19, The Canadian wrote:

> I'm going through the clutch assembly on my 63 Notch hoping to correct some
> difficulties I have been having with shifting.  There is a fair amount of
> play in the bushings when I push in and out on the clutch operating shaft
> and the clutch return spring is broken so I'm planning on replacing the
> spring bushings and whatever else seems worn there.  The trouble is that the
> shaft assembly seems different than that which is described in all my
> manuals.  I removed the circlip on the outside of the arm and the locking
> screw but the shaft would not pull left until I removed another circlip on
> the shaft inside the transaxle housing that sits next to a washer in there.
> I was able to unseat the circlip from it's groove on the shaft and slide it
> over so that the shaft could be slid to the left.  I tapped the arm off with
> a hammer and now I am left with what appears to be a solid shaft that will
> not come out.  The manuals talk about a spacer sleeve, bush and washer in
> there but it sure looks like a solid shaft to me.  How do I get it out??

The clutch return springs break rather regularly and should be 
replaced. The bushings that I've seen have always been fine, so I 
would not replace them unless you find a problem there.

To get things apart, look on the outside of the tranny case, just in 
front (front is front) of where the clutch shaft passes into the 
case. You will see a 10mm hex head there. Unscrew and remove it. Now 
the bushing will slide out.  When you reinstall it, make sure that 
you get the hole in the bushing pointing toward that bolt hole so 
that the fixing bolt drops into it without damaging the bushing.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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