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[T3] Distributor Plug Wires....

Thanks. But...the ENDS of the three plug wires are now
gone. Searched them for little numbers but...no luck.
All three are now spliced using wire sections, w/ the
skinny connectors, from the Parts Room.

* What performance effects if dist. plug wires are in
wrong spot, or not really connected?

* How to test if they are going to right number in
Control Unit or not?...there being no color code or
little numbers on the wires.

  When cleaning up and tuning up the other day, THREE
wires just casually BROKE from their plugs. It took no
violence at all to break them.  On last legs.  Two
from the Distributor Plug, and the one on Condensor.
Condensor easy to replace, of course.
 Question then is....will a PARTIALLY,
connected-by-a-thread wire WORK...or just partially

 I think ALL wires ought get a good Tug Test to see if
they are really together on all wire strands doing
their job. But maybe it's time to move up the techno
ladder to learn how to use Electronic Testing. Check
em all.  
 Thing is...wires may LOOK good, but may not
be...especially with 35 year-old cars.    

Jim Adney wrote....

If you look at the socket on the side of the
distributor, you'll see 
that there are numbers on it. Those are the pin
numbers on the 
computer connector where those go. Each wire gets a
wire number which 
is the ECU pin number where it connects.

The center wire MUST connect to center. For best
results, the side 
wires should also be correct. If you look closely,
you'll probably 
find the wire numbers printed in black on the white
insulation about 
1" back from the crimp, on each end of the wire.

These wire harnesses are old. You have to be gentle
with them. Treat 
them well and they'll do the same for you.

On 24 Oct 2005 at 16:51, J. Jonik wrote:

>  The Book shows that the three-wire plug into
> distributor (re/ a 71 sqbk FI) goes to three
> number slots in the "computer" and to three
> grounded (?) spots in distributor.

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