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Re: [T3] 71 Fastback, now in refit

Steve Jackson wrote:

>There is an ovoid canister above the trans. with two hoses coming out of
>either side of it about mayber .5" OD, made of a fibrous material, and
>it also has a very thin hose on the forward side which used to connect
>to a fine diameter steel line running along the driver's side of the car
>to the front.  I thought originally it was the brake line, but the brake
>line appears to run down the tunnel.  When I bought the car it was this
>way, and I am just starting to refurb my little Fasty, so I don't know
>that much about it yet.  
The canister is part of the evaporative emissions control system. It at
one time contained activated charcoal, but is now likely useless. The
canister in the rear's job was to hold fuel vapors coming out of the
fuel delivery system. With the engine off, fuel vapors coming from the
intake would waft into this can, and either be consumed by the activated
charcoal, or held in there until the engine turned on. On my 73, a hose
runs from the driver's side fresh air heater elbow to this canister from
the left, and then from the canister to the air cleaner housing on the
right. I presume the hose to the elbow was to provide a little extra
push to the canister to purge out the fumes from the can into the intake.

The small line in the rear canister runs to the front, underneath the
body along the  to another similar canister inside the left hand fender.
This canister has a second small line which runs to the fuel tank. The
purpose of this canister is to catch fuel vapors from the fuel tank,
consume them with the activated charcoal, or have the engine suck it out
via the hose to the engine compartment canister. The front canister had
a remarkable propensity to accelerate rusting in the inner fenderwell
area around the straps, so it very well may have fallen off on its own.
I know I've only got one half of the straps left on my car.

At any rate, it's highly unlikely this system is even functional
anymore. I believe these were a maintenance item that were to be
replaced every 2 years/30,000 miles. However, it's critical that the
thin lines coming out the tank are venting properly, since if they are
unable to vent this could lead to making it difficult to fill the fuel
tank (i.e. require frequent burping).

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