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Re: [T3] 71 Fastback, now in refit

On 24 Oct 2005 at 14:06, Steve Jackson wrote:

> so I had to abandon the garage and turn my gas water heater
> off for a while!

Good move!  ;-)

> There is an ovoid canister above the trans. with two hoses coming out of
> either side of it about mayber .5" OD, made of a fibrous material, and
> it also has a very thin hose on the forward side which used to connect
> to a fine diameter steel line running along the driver's side of the car
> to the front.  I thought originally it was the brake line, but the brake
> line appears to run down the tunnel.  When I bought the car it was this
> way, and I am just starting to refurb my little Fasty, so I don't know
> that much about it yet.  
> The question this time is, what the heck is that canister?

It's the charcoal cannister for the fuel vapor recovery. It's long dead, so you 
can just disconnect it, but you should go to the front and make sure there's a 
vent for the gas tank. There was an overflow cannister under the LF fender, but 
that may be gone by now. If it's there, remove it. The tube that goes from the 
gas tank to that cannister will be rusted shut inside, so you'll need to 
replace it with something that can breathe. I replace that steel line with a 
plastic line that I route out thru a hole in the LF corner of the trunk. 
There's a rubber plug there now that you can pull out and nip the tip off to 
make a grommet. Then the breather line can exit somewhere that it doesn't see 
road splash.

> The car also has a new-looking electric fuel pump under there, but it was not
> connected to the engine.  The new engine has what appears to be a mechanical
> fuel pump sitting on top of it.  I am going to use dual Webers on the new
> engine (pict. To be on the Samba soon) do I need this electric fuel pump, or
> am I better off with the mechanical one?  

Just use the mechanical pump that comes with your engine. If the electrical 
pump is a FI pump, you can probably sell it easily.

> Also, the guy I bought the engine from said he had an extra engine hatch
> cover plate, but now he says he can't find it!  Anybody have an extra
> one?  (carmine red?  I know I am asking a lot now!).  I live in Houston,
> and would be glad to buy one and pay shipping on it.

How many do you need?  ;-)

I have several, and they are all black. They weren't painted with the body.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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