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[T3] 71 Fastback, now in refit

Well, at long last my Fasty is up in the air in my garage on stands.
The old Beetle engine is to be removed and the correct engine installed.
I was not prepared to deal with the nearly 7 gallons of gas in the tank
which drained out when I removed the fuel line from the carb.  I drained
most of it into a can but there was a rather large spill when the can
filled up, so I had to abandon the garage and turn my gas water heater
off for a while!

There is an ovoid canister above the trans. with two hoses coming out of
either side of it about mayber .5" OD, made of a fibrous material, and
it also has a very thin hose on the forward side which used to connect
to a fine diameter steel line running along the driver's side of the car
to the front.  I thought originally it was the brake line, but the brake
line appears to run down the tunnel.  When I bought the car it was this
way, and I am just starting to refurb my little Fasty, so I don't know
that much about it yet.  

The question this time is, what the heck is that canister?  The car also
has a new-looking electric fuel pump under there, but it was not
connected to the engine.  The new engine has what appears to be a
mechanical fuel pump sitting on top of it.  I am going to use dual
Webers on the new engine (pict. To be on the Samba soon) do I need this
electric fuel pump, or am I better off with the mechanical one?  

Also, the guy I bought the engine from said he had an extra engine hatch
cover plate, but now he says he can't find it!  Anybody have an extra
one?  (carmine red?  I know I am asking a lot now!).  I live in Houston,
and would be glad to buy one and pay shipping on it.


Stephen J. Jackson
Commissioning Engineer, Petron Industries, Inc.

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