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[T3] Erratic driving behavior #2

Thanks to everyone for their advise on my current problem.

My 70' squarback will drive for awhile and then out of no where it will just
die, like it doesn't have any fuel, or the mixture is to rich/lean.  Then I
can't restart it for a random amount of time.

I checked the fuel pressure and it was correct at 29psi.  I check the Manifold
pressure sensor which was fine too.  I checked both Temp sensors, they're fine.
 I checked the resistance across all the injectors and they are all at 2.9 Ohms,
which is ok I guess since the book says between 2 and 3ohms.  I haven't checked
if they are clogged, but I just put injector cleaner in my tank(maybe that will
do it).  It is getting spark, I just changed the coil, wires, points, rotar,
condensor, and 3 spark plugs( I pulled a helicoil out on the 4th, so I just
cleaned it and screwed it back in until I could get a new helicoil to screw
in).  I checked ground wires.  I also checked if there was back pressure in the
gas tank and there wasn't.  Like I said the pressure was consistant at 29psi
until I turned off the car and then it dropped to 20psi quickly and then to
zero slowly.

So that leaves me lost.

I should probably pull the injectors out at some point and check the spray.

What about the throttle valve switch?

What about the cold start system?  I haven't been able to find any information
on how to test if the Thermo Switch is bad.  None of my manuals give resistance
values or anything about it.

The Oil pressure sensor is also something that I haven't been able to find
numerical information about.

Thanks for any more ideas.  I've been learning alot and that's been fun, but I
wish this probably wasn't so erratic or I could analyize the problem easier.


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