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Re: [T3] Windshield, Part 2

On 13 Oct 2005 at 6:42, Doug Brashear wrote:

> Because I really do get a lot of water in the car
> (probably bailed a half gallon out of it after last
> week's heavy rains and that's without driving it), I
> figured I'd check the air box drain tubes. They both
> seem to be functioning normally, and a large amount of
> water poured directly into the air intake vents
> spilled out as expected underneath the car.

That certainly seems like a good test, but I'm still surprised at that amount 
of leakage from a windshield gasket. Have you been able to see where it emerges 
inside the car?

> I called the local Safelite and the woman there
> claimed that the windshield is NLA. This is news to
> me, so I'll try a few other locations, and then maybe
> a different chain. 

Try Iowa Glass. Russ can tell you exactly where it is. They are a national 
distributor and I went there about 10 years ago and bought a type 3 windshield. 
At that time they probably had 30 to 50 of them there.

> So, I've replaced many VW window seals before, and
> know that with a friend's help I can do it
> right...glancing at the dash board it looks like I
> have to remove it in order to be able to access the
> lower edge of the seal inside the car, correct? Any
> advice here would be greatly appreciated.

Leave the dash there. The bottom edge of the glass goes in first and comes out 
last. You really don't need good access there.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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