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Re: [T3] Windshield, Part 2

Windshields are still available in the green tint, and probably clear too.
Should run about $125.  The Cal look seals of recent manufacture will all
crack in short order, the better of the NOS style dont seem to, but there
are 2 kinds available, one with a short lip that wont seal and one with a
longer lip that will.  Marks bug barn has the  correct ones available. Not
to plug them haphazardly but I had him go out and measure one before I
bought it and it was the long lip style.  I think there around $40 or so.  >
> As for the seal, I don't mind going Cal Look if I have
> to, but I will try to get the seal with trim first.
> VWISPWEST has a complete set for $180, but I'm a
> little wary after the performance of their Fasty pop
> out window seals...seemed to crack much earlier than I
> expected.

Replacing the windshield is a much more difficult task than any of the other
windows, because in the US they arent tempered and crack easily. The
Professional guys at the glass shops have *always* broken one on the first
attempt when doing my cars... but when they break one, and its a new one,
they have to pay for the next one they get and you dont. So its not worth
your trying to install one if its a new one.


> So, I've replaced many VW window seals before, and
> know that with a friend's help I can do it
> right...glancing at the dash board it looks like I
> have to remove it in order to be able to access the
> lower edge of the seal inside the car, correct? Any
> advice here would be greatly appreciated.

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