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Re: [T3] Brakes help

 I bought my "new" parts from a good
company(BMA)www.bmaparts.com. They import German
parts. I put ATE rear wheel cylinders in and Brembo
disks up font. I did not replace calipers or rubber
lines. I have changed the system to a dual circuit 
master about four years ago. I bled the system myself
with a vacume pump at each cylinder. There are no
leaks. The old rear whell cylinders did leak
(Brazillian kind)
 I replaced the disks because the front wheel bearings
had locked up and actually broke my spindle on the
right side. The bearings were Japanese( dont know why)
Maybe the vacume pump is not strong enough to pull any
air bubles all the way out the rear wc?

--- Steven Ayres <comwest@att.net> wrote:

> DavidF=> 1966 Fasty ... new rotors ... the first
> time you push down
> => on the pedal it goes almost to the floor then
> gets harder.
> First:
> Where did the 'new' parts come from?
> Why did you replace the rotors?
> Did you replace the calipers as well?
> How about the rubber lines?
> Do you still have the original single-circuit
> master?
> Was anything done to that?
> Are you losing brake fluid?
> Did you bleed the system yourself, or have someone
> else do it?
> Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
> '66  KG1600
> List info at http://www.vwtype3.org/list |
> mailto:gregm@vwtype3.org

Dave Fox
66 Fasty 
68 Bug vert
70 Ghia vert

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