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[T3] Windshield, Part 2

Hello all,

Well, I have at least narrowed the problem a bit.
Because I really do get a lot of water in the car
(probably bailed a half gallon out of it after last
week's heavy rains and that's without driving it), I
figured I'd check the air box drain tubes. They both
seem to be functioning normally, and a large amount of
water poured directly into the air intake vents
spilled out as expected underneath the car.

I called the local Safelite and the woman there
claimed that the windshield is NLA. This is news to
me, so I'll try a few other locations, and then maybe
a different chain. 

As for the seal, I don't mind going Cal Look if I have
to, but I will try to get the seal with trim first.
VWISPWEST has a complete set for $180, but I'm a
little wary after the performance of their Fasty pop
out window seals...seemed to crack much earlier than I

So, I've replaced many VW window seals before, and
know that with a friend's help I can do it
right...glancing at the dash board it looks like I
have to remove it in order to be able to access the
lower edge of the seal inside the car, correct? Any
advice here would be greatly appreciated.

Aside from the water, though, the Fasty is running
great and clearly happy to be back on the road.
Because this car has a pretty low operating cost I
plan on driving it much more than our other cars over
the next few months. 

- Doug :-)

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