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re:windhield repair

I had my windshield replaced sometime in the last year. New seal too. 

It took a while before I found a shop that admitted that these windshields
were still available. The also claimed they had the correct seal. They
ordered it, and the first time I went for the install-we realized the seal
did not have the groove for the chrome or aluminum strip. So I suggested
they get the correct seal from some place in Canada I think. I believe it
was Mark's Bug Barn? I got the name from the list a while ago.

Anyway the day of the installation comes, and I want to watch the
installation, take some pics. The guy in the shop that day(not the owner)
jokingly says this is the first time he has ever done a windshield

First he damaged the original trim. It is not solid, he claims that on
regular cars this strip is solid. If he had known it was not solid he would
have done it differently.

Then it takes them about 2-3 hours to get the old trim in the new gasket,
and the new gasket on the new windshield. 

Then they try to put the windshield onto the car. It doesn't look like it
would fit, it actually looks like quite a different shape. So now I'm kind
of stuck. They say they will wait for the owner. At this point I've been in
the shop for about 4.5 hours. So I call my mother, who luckily gives me a
ride to work. 

They call me later in the day to say it is ready. The owner has gotten it to
fit. When I go to pick it up, the owner is not there, and I think it was
raining lightly. So I just get in the car, take a quick look at it-and go
home. Over the next week I look more closely at it-and see that he cut the
seal in one spot, mangled it in another-basically it looks like whoever did
it-did as good a job as I imagine I could do. That is why I didn't want to
do it-and why I asked a professional to do it.

Now it has a trickle leak whenever it rains hard, or when on the highway
during rain. It's not the air intake-as I can actually see a little water
seeping through the seal.

I never brought it back-because I don't really see how they could fix it,
and I don't think I want them touching my car again. I'm not sure if the
problem lies in the seal, the windshield or the guy who did the install. But
I imagine going back there-that they will claim it is not their problem. At
the time they were actually pretty upset that it took them as long as it
did-because they only get a flat fee from the Insurance agencies here. (In
Massachusetts it is a free service with most insurance).


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From: Doug Brashear [mailto:dougbrashear@yahoo.com]
Subject: [T3] Windshield (and Seal) Replacement

Has anyone had a windshield replaced by Safelite in the recent past?

If so, what type of seal did they use? I'd like to retain the stock look of
the seals, so Cal Look is out. 

I know I can do this job myself, but this is one of those things where the
frustration involved is worth paying someone else to deal with. Plus,
Safelite's guarantee means that if it leaks the first time I can take it
back to them.


- Doug :-)


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