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Re: [T3] erratic fuel delivery

Fuel pump relay, on the left (LHD?) side panel under the fusebox might be
failing - mine has done that occasionally.

Otherwise, there may be a blockage in the tank supply if your tank has had any
anti-rust coating put inside.  As the level drops, the reservoir around the
outlet may find it hard to refill due to the tank sealant blocking the way into
the interior reservoir.  Are you running with a full tank or nearly empty?

Of course, it may not be the FI at all!  Coils can get hot and stop giving a
spark - you could put a spare plug into one of the leads and check for a spark
when the plug is resting on a bare metal earth point and the engine is cranked.

Are you on www.vwtype3.org - that'll solve it, I'm sure, and there are guys on
the list near you in Ca who might take a look.

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club
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Subject: [T3] erratic fuel delivery

> I have a 70 squareback (fuel injection) and I can't figure out why the car
> run for an hour and then in the middle of driving it shuts down.  Then I can't
> even start it for a half hour.  It turns over but won't continue running, like
> it's not getting enough fuel.
> Could it be the pressure sensor? I checked the resistance across both coils of
> the sensor and they are both correct at 90 ohms and 350 ohms.  But, I read
> sometimes the rod between the coils will get stuck and will give this erratic
> behavior.
> What about the fuel pump?  Can the pump work sometimes and not work at other
> random times like the problem I'm having?
> I have yet to check if I have 28psi in the fuel system.  Maybe the regulater
> not working.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Sincerely,
> Shalom
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