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Re: [T3] My Type 3 Tach

On Oct 9, 2005, at 9:40 PM, Jim Adney wrote:

The front looks great, and I can't believe all the tools you had at your
disposal to make the numbered dial, etc.

Working at the Ford Research and Innovation Center (new name for the Research lab) has its perks. <G>

The back, however, looks pretty crude,
if I'm seeing it right. I have one here that someone did a number on and its
back looks much the same.

I agree, the back is rough. I wasn't originally planning to use the tach for this purpose and it took a bit of a beating. Fortunately, you don't see the back in a Type 3. <G>

Mayby you should make kits that just include the special custom made parts and
let people do the rest of the work themselves. Your parts are all CNC now
aren't they?

No CNC stuff......just good old fashion hand machining. Of course I have an Illustrator file for the numbers, that I would gladly send to anyone that is interested in trying their hand at this. Any decent vinyl lettering shop should be able to cut a set for someone.

John Jaranson
'66 Square (Sophy)
'70 Fasty (Jane 2 - Type 3 Lead Sled wannabe)
'71 Fasty (Jane -parts car due to rust)
various parts.....don't we all.

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