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[T3] My Type 3 Tach

<x-flowed>After seeing the price of some of the recent Type 3 tachs, I decided to give it go at making one. I had an old SunPro cheapo tach that I friend gave me and a couple of left over Type 3 clock and fuel gages from my conversion from 6V to 12V.

This is what I ended up with....



I think it is a pretty decent looking tach and it cost me about $10 for the old Type 3 gages that I had already anyway. I made it to match the rest of Sophy's gages.

http://mywebpages.comcast.net/jjaranson/SophyRebuild/SophyRebuild- Images/16.jpg

I started out by turning a new concave number lenses out of some 1" thick clear plexiglass. I then scanned the old clock number lense and used it to create the numbers and new layout to match the angular spacing of the SunPro tach in Adobe Illustrator. I mirrored the numbers and then had them cut on a vinyl cutting plotter that we have at work.

The numbers are then applied to the back of the new concave lense. I also used the vinyl on the plain cover lense from the old fule gage to provide the tick marks for the tach.

I also turned the center disk and needle post on the lathe at work using high density modeling plank. The needle itself is cut and shaped from 1/16" thick ABS sheet stock and then painted red.

I cut out the back of the stock metal gage can and modified the plastic SunPro gage housing to match-up and the sealed it all up with some blakck silicone sealant. I retained the stock Type 3 light.

I haven't gotten around to running the wire from the coil to the dash yet, but I did try it out and it works great.

BTW, the needle just hangs down when the key is off. With power to the gage it stays at zero until the engine is started and then it goes as the rpm goes. I think it will get annoying after awhile to have it always pointing straight down when at shows, so I might add a small mechanical stop pin to the gage.

I also haven't decided it I am going to install it in the clock hole or in a separate gage bezel below the dash. My clock works and I like having it. Besides about half the clock is blocked from view by the steering wheel. It is a thick rimmed wheel from a 75 Sport Bug.

Anyway....what do you think?

John Jaranson
'66 Square (Sophy)
'70 Fasty (Jane 2 - Type 3 Lead Sled wannabe)
'71 Fasty (Jane -parts car due to rust)
various parts.....don't we all.

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