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Re: [T3] Electric/Mechanical Brake Switch

On 6 Oct 2005 at 21:27, Dave Hall wrote:

> > For most
> > switches, the lion's share of the punishment comes when it's time to open the
> > circuit, as that's when the arc may strike.
> Would that hold the same for a bulb, since the cold resistance is a lot lower
> than when hot?  Most bulbs that fail seem to blow when turned on - not as they
> are turned off.

Not sure. The inrush is certainly more than the break current, but it's the 
breaking process that tend to draw out an arc. Closing a switch, if done right, 
is generally pretty tame.

> 16(4)A may be non-inductive and (inductive) rating, as Russ suggests.

Russ suggested this might be a make (break) rating. That would apply to things 
like tungsten loads, where there load was resistive, but there was a 
significant inrush, as well as things like motors which are inductive, but have 
large inrush currents when starting from stopped.

A purely inductive load would draw little initial current, but might have 
substantial current at break, more along the lines of 4(16)A.

The 16(4)A rating might apply to charging capacitors. That's a common thing 
where I work, but not common in most places.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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