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Re: [T3] Crate is away for the season!

> What I've heard about Lucas was that during WW II they (probably by necessity)
> made wiring harnesses out of copper plated iron/steel wire.

Could be - there were many economies made during WWII.  I was computerising more
of my father's letters to his parents for that period just this morning.   Among
the scary details of raids over Germany was this piece "I managed to get a
couple of good re-treaded tyres for the car (MG Magnette) - cost me £2 each, and
I think they are good value - they are better than a cheap new tyre, which would
have cost £2-15-0 and the best new tyres cost over £5 each in my size. These
things are getting scarce, so it is as well to stock up before private car
owners are forbidden to buy them - already garages are being told not to accept
civilian repair jobs!"

I heard the other day from the Bubble-car museum owner that in a few years
people here (in Europe) won't be allowed to buy more than 1 litre of oil at a
time - i.e. home oil changes will be illegal.  Will I have to entrust that to a
garage, and look forward to pulled studs or blocked sump screens?
Time to pull up the anchors and head for a more civilised grossly-polluting
country?  ;-)

UK VW Type 3 & 4 Club

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