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Re: [T3] Fuel Injection Hose Source?

On 2 Oct 2005 at 19:55, Doug Brashear wrote:

> Anyone know a good Internet source for strong fuel injection fuel hose that
> is the proper size for the Type III fuel fittings (what ID is should I be
> looking for anyway?)? 

The best stuff I've found lately is just plain old Goodyear 5/16" fuel hose. 
You can probably buy it from your local FLAPS. VW originally used 7mm hose 
here, but that has to stretch so much to get over the fittings that it fails 
rather quickly at those joints. At some point VW changed to 7.5mm hose, but 
I've never seen anyone who sold that. 5/16" is 8mm, and that works perfectly. 
I've been using it since about 1971. 

I would try 8mm German hose if it existed, but it doesn't.

You don't need the stuff that the FLAPS sell as FI hose, because our systems 
are only 30 psi. That's well below the rating of standard 5/16" hose. Modern FI 
systems run much higher pressures, and those are what the FI hose is meant for.

There are two problems with the larger hose: It is larger OD, so it is somewhat 
difficult to feed thru the rubber grommets where that is called for. It can be 
done,  however lubricating the OD of the hose with just about anything will 
help. The larger OD means that the minimum bending radius is also larger, so be 
sure to give yourself enough length to make large sweeping bends. Tight bends 
are also a problem for the OG hose, so it's something for all of us to watch 
out for.  

> I'd also like to find a new set of lower brake show return springs for my
> rear drum brakes 

I'm sure I have a pair of these somewhere.  

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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