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[T3] Fuel Injection Hose Source?

Hello all,

The saga of getting my Fastback roadworthy once again
took a turn for the worse today. After finally
purchasing and installing a new set of tires, cleaning
up and painting the rust spots on the underside of the
car, changing the oil, adjusting and bleeding the
brakes, and doing some minor bodywork what happenes
next? For some reason the 6 - 7 year old fuel hose
decided to burst, spraying fuel all over the engine.
Luckily the engine was cold and the car was just
sitting in my driveway.

This hose was brand new when I installed it, and I
didn't drive the car all that much in the 7 years I've
had it...maybe 20K miles (it's always been the spare
car). The hose was the black braided German stuff,
which I never thought was for FI but the place I
bought it from said it was. Now that I have to replace
this stuff again I want something strong that will
last a while. 

Anyone know a good Internet source for strong fuel
injection fuel hose that is the proper size for the
Type III fuel fittings (what ID is should I be looking
for anyway?)?

I'd also like to find a new set of lower brake show
return springs for my rear drum brakes, as I
unwittingly ruined several of mine while using a torch
to free the frozen brake adjustment "start wheels".
Anyone out there have a set (4) you don't need? 

Thanks a ton in advance...

- Doug :-)
'73 Fastback

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