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Re:[T3] sumps the same?

At 05:20 PM 11/30/2005, Bob wrote:
Yes, my dad clipped a manhole cover while on winter vacation earlier this
year. Ripped the oil sump plate half off, and dumped 3+ quarts of oil out in
seconds. :O  I had to send him a good plate and a new strainer so he could go back
to driving the car (there wasn't a good VW auto parts store near him). I have
the remains of the old sump here (was a Berg 1.5 qt sump), and it broke it up
pretty good. His car is also stock height, so using one on a lowered car is a
flip of the coin. If all you drive are nice smooth roads (something we don't
have here), then you could probably get away with using one.

That is horrific, although it's good to know a sump can be destroyed without necessarily taking the block with it. My car is stock height in the rear with 165s and a tad lowered in the front, running 155s. I think even with a sump the lowest part of my car would be the sheet metal under the spare tire up front (maybe 6-8in. clearance?)  and that has never bottomed out. I do always drive on smooth roads, although once in a while I'll encounter a brutal pothole, and regularly hit speed bumps and train tracks. Hmmmm... many positives, and one major negative. Tough call!!!

Dave Y.
68 square

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