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Re: [T3] Master cylinder

On 28 Nov 2005 at 21:47, type3weezer@comcast.net wrote:

> First of all, stop talking to idiots.

Gee, I hope you're not talking about us?     ;-)

> How about some more info on the master cylinder? Is it a single or dual?
> Have you contacted the DDB? Also Jim Adney may be able to help you with the
> rebuild (although I don't know if he has a rebuild kit for the single,  I
> asked him about 6 months ago) Most of all, don't give up. This is fixable.
> You may not be able to find new but trust me the rebuilt original is the
> better choice. 

I THINK the early simplex MCs were all made by FAG. If the rear seal in them is 
the same as the rear seal in the FAG tandem MCs, then I should be able to 
modify the piston to accept the ATe seals. I don't know about this because I've 
never had my hands on one of the early FAG simplex MCs. It's likely that I can 
do something for one of these, I'm just not in a postion to be able to promise 
it yet.

There's also a problem with MC bore diameter. All the tandem Type 3 MCs are 
19mm, and I think most of the simplex ones are, too, but I think SOME of the 
simplex MCs are larger, like 22mm, so I would have to scramble to find seals 
for those. I DO have some odd sizes here, so it's possible that I might find 
what was needed.

If someone out there has one of those simplex MCs that they'd like me to take a 
look at, I'd be glad for the opportunity to at least look at it. Even if I 
found that I couldn't rebuild it, I could clean it up and return it at no 

OTOH, I got a batch of parts in last week which I've not yet unpacked. I think 
there might even be some NOS FAG MC kits in it, either tandem or simplex.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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