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Re: [T3] Master cylinder

On 28 Nov 2005 at 13:41, David Fox wrote:

> I have bled they system with a pressure bleeder. there are no leaks in my
> system. The rear brakes are adjusted close to the wheel drum. The brake pedal
> will be hard at times then it will just go down to the floor, maybe just a
> little pressure. The pedal is never really hard I can feel pressure starting
> to buld then it hits bottom...... 

Make sure you look under the carpet, under the gas pedal, for wetness. This is 
the most common place for leaks to present themselve. Fluid there could be 
either a corroded and leaky line or a leaky rear MC seal. The latter would mean 
you are due for an MC rebuild.   

If that area is dry, then I agree that you probably have a MC problem, but this 
particular MC problem is not common. A leaky rear seal, allowing all your fluid 
to dribble out onto your floor, is the most common MC problem. That rear seal 
wears out first because it has air on one side and that's where rust forms 
first. The rust wears out the seal, or just pushes it aside so that fluid can 
get by. Either way, a rebuild is necessary to fix the problem.  

If that floor area is wet, clean up all the fluid you can with a bucket of 
plain water and a sponge. Brake fluid will lift paint and this will lead to 
corrosion that you don't want.   

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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