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Re: [T3] problem solved (I hope)

On 27 Nov 2005 at 21:32, Fiesta Cranberry wrote:

> Greg came over yesterday and jump-started The  B.  He lent me his
> charger, and I charged up my battery, which would only get to 12.79
> volts.  So I took it to Sears and thier machine said it was no good, so
> I bought a new one.  Tomorrow I will install.  opefuly, problem is
> solved!

A battery that is discharged will take awhile to get back up in voltage. How 
long was it on the charger, and how many amps were you putting into it?

My guess is that it was your voltage regulator which was dead. Now that you 
have a new battery, this is easy to check. Just use your voltmeter to measure 
the voltage between ground and a hot fuse. When the car is off you should see 
12+ volts, at idle it should be just about the same, but the voltage should 
rise as you take the engine RPMs up until the voltage plateaus somewhere. 

That voltage plateau is the system regulating voltage and is controlled by the 
voltage regulator. With a good regulator, that voltage should be close to 14V 
at the fuse box. If that voltage plateau is less than 13.5V, your voltage 
regulator is worn out. Replace it with a Bosch 30-019.

Remove the battery ground cable while you do this replacement.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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