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Re: [T3]Loss of power + muffler explosion = dead on the freeway. Thoughts?

Well guess what?  I saw a car yesterday in the north lane of I-5.  Why did it
catch my eye?  Well, it was a late model, ORANGE T3 with dealer luggage rack!
I was headed south to my dad's for Thanksgiving.  Passes it again last night.
This morning I drove out there and placed a DDB business card along with a
sticky note with my name (in case the owner wanted to sell it) under the
driver's windshield wiper.  The car looks like a train wreck :-(  Then I saw
the note taped to the rear glass by the owner explaining to whomever not to
tow it (P.S. there's a sheriff's tow-tag on it...bright pink, next to the
note) and the note was signed by...C. Rochambeau!

I thought I recognized that name!  So, as of 12:10pm it was still there :-)
Now, the purpose of my message is this:  TELL US WHERE YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU
DRIVE!  C'mon volks, we can't read minds!  Well, the DDB is closed for the
holliday but you could get it towed there if you wanted.  Call me (my cell #
is on the note) and I can make arrangements to meet you at the shop.  I've got
plans today so I can't help (but I could've yesterday) today...girlfriend is
yelling at me, gotta go!

   Toby Erkson  -- Portland, Oregon --  http://www.icbm.org/
   '72 VW Squareback Darksider, 5-speed, 2007cc, rag top
   '95 VW Jetta 2.0L, CHE tranny w/Peloquin LSD, 270¼, TT Chip, SCCA Solo 2
   '73 Porsche 914 2.0L WIP; '81 Honda Gold Wing, 1100cc, stripped

----- Original Message ----- 
> I was travelling along at 60-65 this evening when the car suddenly felt like
it was
> starved for fuel [hard deceleration], then there were one or two muffler
explosions [I
> actually recall seeing a flash from the rear of the car]. As the engine
died, I was
> coasting onto the shoulder.
> The car is a 1970 FI system, more or less stock

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