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RE: [T3] Current situation...assistance please.

I bought NEW engine for mine (71 FB) which was an expensive alternative
but my car had a Beetle engine in it when I bought it...if your engine
still has life in it I would rebuild the old case.  Myself I am probable
not mechanic enough for a total engine rebuild, although I have done
motorcycles.  Depends on what you want, a stock Volks ride or something
more exotic the guys around here call the Darkside... check out
www.aircooled.net and    www.thesamba.com among others.  Plus the great
resource we have right here in this list!  Canât tell you how much I
have learned about our cars on this list!
Happy Thanksgiving, All!  

Stephen J. Jackson
Commissioning Engineer, Petron Industries, Inc.

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I'd recommend having the engine torn down and gone
over.  Changing the 
[with a unit commonly available] won't cause oil
fouling...he must've 
something else.  For oil filtration you need a Gene
Berg unit.  The oil 
with the filter attachment won't work on our engines
(thank God!) 
because of
the engine parts in the way but they also are simply
not a good 
A. can explain why.

**I was intending on doing a teardown already....just
didn't know about replacments of stock engine parts w/
newer pieces...not alot of sites seem to tailor
towards type 3's...just beetles and nuses..

J-tubes won't do diddly for you in terms of
performance on a stock 
engine AND
you'll have no heat...not good for winter driving!  An
electric heater 
won't cut it, a gas unit would be way better.

**Found type 3 heater boxes on ebay for fairly
cheap...brazil make...the j-pipe deal was an idea of
taking advantage the extra amps generated by the
alternator kit....winter driving isn't going to happen
very often...tend to use public transportation
whenever possible....

If you plan on doing any of your own work then you
need to get a 
Bentley shop manual.  Period. 

**Have the Bentley manual already...came w/ the
car....does the Hayes manual have better exploded
diagrams though?....I'm used to      those far more
than pictures...(industrial electronics tech by
trade..small gas engines....plasma
cutters...welders...just never messed w/ FI systems)
Also, wanting to replace the heater boxes with 
J-tubes simply because they're a less expensive option
is the wrong attitude  and the path to a crappy car
that will eventually get abandoned (because you'll 
'fix' other parts of the car with the same cheap
methodology).  My III cents.

**I disagree w/ the methodology though...I tend to
overfix things..and simplify/minimize things if
possible...AC systems are wasted on me....never use
them....no reason to have...I know it doesn't apply to
the type 3 but the idea is the same...heat won't be
used much...so it's a sacrificable system in my mind
as long as it doesn't hinder engine performance

   Toby Erkson  -- Portland, Oregon -- 
   '72 VW Squareback Darksider, 5-speed, 2007cc, rag
   '95 VW Jetta 2.0L, CHE tranny w/Peloquin LSD, 270¼,
TT Chip, SCCA 
Solo 2
   '73 Porsche 914 2.0L WIP; '81 Honda Gold Wing,
1100cc, stripped

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I've just come across a completely stock '69
squareback w/ FI.....only 66K on the engine....it's
been barn stored for around 30 years...the son of the
original owner tried to use it for a winter car...(it
was barned for having a small fuel leak)...a new bosch
electronic fuel pump has been installed...and cap and
wires..injectors and plugs...he stopped using it due
to the plugs getting oil fouled quickly after he tried
to put a different exhaust on....
Will j-pipes interfer w/ cold weather
driving....thinking of replacing the heater boes w/
them since they're much cheaper...and installing a
alternator inplace of the generator...which seems to
have some arc spots on the stator...should allow me to
run a small electric heater.


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