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Re: [T3] Current situation...assistance please.

On 24 Nov 2005 at 7:08, Robin Goodfellow wrote:

> **I was intending on doing a teardown already....just
> didn't know about replacments of stock engine parts w/
> newer pieces...not alot of sites seem to tailor
> towards type 3's...just beetles and nuses..

You may need it, but try to get it running first. You'll learn a lot 
in the process of trying to get it running, and you may save some 
time and money by being able to determine which parts are okay and 
which need repair or replacement.

> **Found type 3 heater boxes on ebay for fairly
> cheap...brazil make...

I didn't know that there were any Brazilian type 3 heater boxes. 
Maybe there are, or maybe those are just beetle boxes. They're 
different. I have good used type 3 boxes for reasonable prices if you 
really need them, plus I can sell you the right style for your 
engine; they changed at least once.

> **Have the Bentley manual already...came w/ the
> car....does the Hayes manual have better exploded
> diagrams though?....I'm used to  

I've always thought of the Haynes as #2 in this game, but it's still 
pretty good, and it's worth having several manuals just because none 
of the manuals cover everything perfectly.
> Also, wanting to replace the heater boxes with 
> J-tubes simply because they're a less expensive option
> is the wrong attitude  and the path to a crappy car
> that will eventually get abandoned (because you'll 
> 'fix' other parts of the car with the same cheap
> methodology).  My III cents.
> **I disagree w/ the methodology though...I tend to
> overfix things..and simplify/minimize things if
> possible...AC systems are wasted on me....never use
> them....no reason to have...I know it doesn't apply to
> the type 3 but the idea is the same...heat won't be
> used much...so it's a sacrificable system in my mind
> as long as it doesn't hinder engine performance

I'd stick with the stock setup. I understand what you're saying and I 
can't really disagree with you on it, but keeping the stock boxes 
doesn't cost you ANYTHING in either money or reliability, plus the 
stock boxes provide mounting points for several of the pieces of 
sheet metal, which makes them less likely to break. The heater boxes 
also remove a heat source from below the heads, helping them run 

OTOH, if you eventually (emphasis on the future) went to larger 
displacement with special heads and larger exhaust valves, then the J-
pipes would be worthwhile, but here you're trading reliability, 
longevity, and economy for power. That's a choice you have to make 
for yourself.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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