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Re: [T3] Current situation...assistance please.

On 24 Nov 2005 at 6:02, Robin Goodfellow wrote:

> I've just come across a completely stock '69 squareback w/ FI.....only
> 66K on the engine....it's been barn stored for around 30 years...the
> son of the original owner tried to use it for a winter car...(it was
> barned for having a small fuel leak)...a new bosch electronic fuel
> pump has been installed...and cap and wires..injectors and plugs...he
> stopped using it due to the plugs getting oil fouled quickly after he
> tried to put a different exhaust on..put the stock back on and it
> never ran quite the same I guess. 

This could be an excellent find or a pile of rust. You'll know once 
you look at the underside.  

> I intend to replace all the suspension and restore the rust damage
> under the body...but I'm a bit torn on what to do w/ the engine
> currently....should I completely rebuild it w/ new pistons and
> such...or just replace all the gaskets...change the ignition over to
> electronic?.....and a bit confused on which oil pump to get...wanting
> to replace the stock one w/ one with an oil filter port. 

Don't make the mistake of trying to decide what to fix BEFORE you 
know what's wrong. I would start by trying to get the engine to turn 
over with the starter, then see if you can get it to run. Chances are 
that it will run, but you probably don't know enough about it to 
succeed. We'll be glad to give you all the help you can stand, but 
there's only so much one can do via long distance.

What you really want to do is to get this car running just enough so 
that you can tell what its problems really are.

The OG shocks are of excellent quality. Don't replace them unless 
they are bad. They are likely to outlast any replacements you put in.

> Will j-pipes interfer w/ cold weather driving....thinking of replacing
> the heater boes w/ them since they're much cheaper...and installing a
> alternator inplace of the generator...which seems to have some arc
> spots on the stator...should allow me to run a small electric heater. 

Is there a problem with the heater boxes? Without them you've got no 
heat at all. 

Check out the generator. There's nothing wrong with the concept, and 
it's always cheaper to fix the OE stuff than to jump to 

Don't even think about an electric heater. There's not nearly enough 
electrical power available to do that. Consider the fact that the 
stock generator puts out 450 Watts, while an alternator may be 
capable of something less than twice that, but a hair dryer uses 1500 
Watts, and I don't think that would satisfy you.

Plus, waste heat is free, while electrical power gets deducted from 
your crankshaft power.  

> Body damage doesn't seem to be bad except for the rocker panels and
> right around the headlights. 

My advice is to move slowly and get this running as quickly as you 
can, and with as few changes as possible. Don't replace things that 
are good, because you'll need the money to buy things that need 

One final note: You haven't mentioned the brakes. They will need a 
LOT of work to get them roadworthy. This is going to cost you 
hundreds of dollars. You are going to need new pads and maybe shoes, 
and you will need to repair the calipers, master cylinder and the 
rear wheel cylinders. At the same time you will probably find a few 
rubber lines and maybe some steel lines which need to be replaced. 
Except for lines and friction material,  DON'T buy new parts. I can 
rebuild your old parts for less money and you'll end up with better 
components than if you bought new. NEVER assume that new parts (brake 
or otherwise) will be better parts.   

Whatever you do, don't remove original parts and throw them away. You 
are likely to regret it. Little things like original spark plug wires 
have parts that you can't buy good replacements for. Keep them.  

Don't take advice from beetle people or dune buggy people. They live 
in a different world. You've come to the right place for type 3 
advice. Our goal is to get you a nice, well-running car, for the 
least money and the least hassle, with the fewest mistakes, so keep 
the questions coming.  

Welcome to the Type 3 email list. Glad you found us.    ;-)

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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